Last year our call to action was well received and we were able to implement the first Lung Cancer Screening Program in Quebec. This year, we would like to, once again, call upon your generosity to help us implement the first ever Lung Cancer Investigation Tracking System.

Imagine the overwhelming fear and uncertainty that a patient can experience following a lung cancer diagnosis. From initial suspicion to diagnosis and treatment, the investigation process can often take a long time, as patients go through a plethora of tests, imaging studies and invasive procedures to determine the extent of the disease and its stage. The wait for a clear diagnosis often wears on a patient’s mental and physical well being.

The team from the Montreal Chest Institute’s (MCI) lung cancer Rapid Investigation Clinic, lead by Dr. Anne Gonzalez, is working to change this long wait so that patients receive a full diagnosis and prognosis more quickly. The team is working on the development of an automated tracking system that will map out the investigation trajectory for each of the 300 new patients evaluated annually for suspected lung cancer at this MCI clinic, in real-time. This tool will continuously measure investigation timelines and monitor recommended quality indicators. The collected data will then be used to address any obstacle that may hinder timely lung cancer investigation. No other such tracking tool exists in Quebec.

Your donation will help ensure that thousands of patients with suspected lung cancer experience shorter delays during the trajectory of suspicion to diagnosis, staging and treatment.

Help us improve delays during the lung cancer investigation process.
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