Your Gifts Save Lives

We take about 23,000 breaths a day. For most of us, breathing is second nature. Unless we walk up a flight of stairs or complete a workout, we hardly ever think twice about breathing. But just imagine what your life would be like if you had to struggle to draw each and every breath.

Thousands of Quebecers and millions around the world fight to breathe. They are living with asthma, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis and other respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, many living with a chronic respiratory disease die prematurely.

Donors save lives! You allow us to buy vital equipment like this AIRVO that helps critically ill patients breath! Thank you!
Franceen Browman, Assistant Chief Respiratory Therapy

The Montreal Chest Institute Foundation raises funds to help those with respiratory diseases breathe easier and live longer. With your help, we can transform lives by:

  • Purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment to more effectively and rapidly diagnose and treat patients;
  • Funding innovative treatment programs and services that increase the quality of patient care and become standards of respiratory care;
  • Supporting pioneering research that will lead to better treatments and cures for respiratory diseases, transforming the lives of millions here in Quebec and around the world.

Help us offer the best respiratory care possible. Help us realize more medical breakthroughs. Help us make breathing easier.

Franceen Browman hugs one of the AIRVO machines purchased by the MCIF. These machines are saving lives every year.

Donate and improve the lives of so many. Thank you for your support.