Help Us Start the First Lung Cancer Screening Program in Quebec

Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Quebec. It is also the leading cause of deaths from cancer for both men and women in Canada. Indeed, lung cancer kills more women in Quebec than breast cancer.

Unfortunately, lung cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage, when it has spread outside the lungs and cannot be removed. Treatment of advanced lung cancer requires chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is undisputed: early diagnosis is key. It allows a lung cancer to be removed and cured when it is small.

To detect small lung cancer, a low radiation CT scan can be used on those with a high risk of lung cancer. This has proved to reduce deaths from lung cancer up to 20% in men and up to 46% in women! No other treatment is as effective.

However, this early screening is not yet available in Quebec. The Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) of the McGill University Health Centre plans on changing that with the first Lung Cancer Screening Program in Quebec. The MCI has recruited Dr. Nicole Ezer, who is spearheading this unique program. She will offer screening for early detection of lung cancer for patients without symptoms. This will allow her team to find very small lung cancers or pre-cancerous spots early… early enough to be treated and cured.

MCI patient Manon Dion with her husband, Pierre Pilon

This year, your donation to the Montreal Chest Institute Foundation’s annual appeal will help us start this amazing new Lung Cancer Screening Program.

Your donation will help patients like Manon Dion. Manon is 57 and married 34 years with two kids. She used to smoke but quit. She had a CT scan for a kidney infection last summer, and by chance doctors found a small spot at the bottom of her lungs: lung cancer. She had no symptoms at all. Manon was lucky in that her lung cancer was found when it was small. She had surgery in June and is now cancer free. Manon feels lucky that she happened to have that scan for an unrelated reason. She feels comfort in the fact that she will be able to grow old with her children and grandchildren. But her diagnosis was a coincidence.

Your donation to the Montreal Chest Institute Foundation will ensure that at risk patients get screened for lung cancer early, without leaving it to chance.

Please donate and help Dr. Ezer and her team start their Lung Cancer Screening Program. Help us defeat the leading cause of cancer death among Canadians. Please give generously.

Support our annual appeal. Help us start our new
Lung Cancer Screening Program.