Why I love my nursing job: Joanie Bernier has found her calling

Joanie Bernier predicts her first and last job will be at the Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) of the McGill University Health Centre. The nurse coordinator loves her job so much she plans to retire from the MCI in 2041! You could say, Joanie has found her niche. The reasons she enjoys nursing so much are many, but key among them are great colleagues and the opportunity to connect with patients and provide them comfort and security when they are most vulnerable. “Every night when I get home, I know that I have made a small difference in the lives [...]

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Giving back and getting back: Why Shannon Cupri loves being a nurse

When Shannon Cupri graduated from high school, she applied to CEGEP to become either a nurse or a police officer. She was accepted in both programs. Tossing a coin, she opted for nursing and has never looked back. Shannon is a registered nurse on the Inpatient Unit at the Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). She has been a fixture on the ward for 22 years. The MCI was her first job out of nursing school and despite having tried a few other nursing positions over the years, the MCI has always been her [...]

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